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The company

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Valitsα is an artistic company that was created in Grenoble in 2021. Inspired by the greek word  βαλίτσα [valίtsa] which means suitcase, the company expresses the will of the artist Danae Papadopoulou to create multidisciplinary performances and in perpetual mouvement. This is due to her several influences (Letters, Dance and Performing Arts) as well as to her meeting with other artists. The company is therefore like a mobile suitcase that accommodates both choreographic creation and its dialogue with site specific performance and the issues of the body's cultural identity. Valitsα's artistic creations are inspired by the intimate history of the body and the sociopolitical environment from which it comes. Valitsα's creations establish a dialogue between the performing arts and the human sciences of anthropology  and languistics through the axes of oral testimony and lived experience.

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