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Strangers to covid

A solo performance about the embodied experience of migration within the unique context of a pandemic. The performance lies in exploring how our socio-cultural backgrounds shape our responses to historical events, as well as how the body undergoes transformation in the face of political decisions. The performer was inspired by the real testimonies of young adults who lived with her the experience of the first confinement in France, from March 17 to May 10 2020. Due to border restrictions, they found themselves separated from their families, navigating solitude within the CROUS student residence, ''Le Rabot'', in Grenoble. The performance focuses on fragmental oral testimonies derived from a quiz about the covid 19 situation, which was made with other foreigner people in the language of their choice, even in their mother tongue. Sound creation takes on a pivotal role, intertwining with the body to create a living documentary that serves both personal and collective memory. The political discourse of the French President Emmanuel Macron is interwoven with the intimate expressions of these individuals, initiating a dialogue that bridges choreography with the realms of human sciences of anthropology and linguistics in a post-colonial context. It was presented in the Hexagone National theater of Grenoble as a part of the open stage propositions between performing arts and sciences.

Creation planning

March 2020: in situ research at the CROUS Le Rabot residence, Grenoble.

February-March 2021 : residency at MaCi, House of Creation and Innovation at UGA, Saint-Martin-D'Hères (Isère)

April 2021 : residency at the National Theater Hexagone Arts Sciences, Meylan


20 October 2021 : National theater Hexagone Scène Arts Sciences as part of the open stage

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