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Concept and Performance:

Danae Papadopoulou & Marie Michel
Scenography, Text: Marie Michel
Choreography: Danae Papadopoulou
Musical performance: Philippe Tastevin, Enzo Favre

music Installation : Alessandro de Cecco, Association APNEES



©Ramon Lima

Site-specific performance, inspired by the french children's game "Loup-y-es-tu?", revolves around the pursuit of the wolf. Despite being mammals that share life patterns similar to humans, living and moving in groups, wolves are often portrayed as untamed and aggressive creatures in fairy tales. The performance takes the shape of an immersive pursuit within a public space, where two women attempt to uncover the traces and footprints of this elusive animal through stories, legends, and urban architecture. The audience assumes the role of witnesses, actively engaging in the search for the enigmatic wolf, which might symbolically transform into an elderly woman, blurring the lines between animal and human. The conception of this performance was rooted in thorough research, including texts of the philosophical and environmental research Baptiste Morisot about the wolf, its habitat, and behavior. The performance drew inspiration from Pincola Estess' text of the Indian American legend of the ''loba'' in ''Women who run with the wolves''. Additionally, a connection was established to tracking techniques, based on an intensive workshop in the Vercors mountains with the Milles Traces association and a naturalist guide. In this performance, the architecture of the public space serves not only as a backdrop but also as a dynamic constraint, molding the performers' bodies as they strive to assimilate themselves into the environment, echoing the way animals harmonize with nature.

©Ramon Lima

Creation planning

March-April 2021: residency in situ at the UGA campus.

May 2021 : site specific residency in the Vercors mountain

September 2021 : creative residency at the Jules Vallès library, Vizille

March 2022: residency at the cultural space Midi Minuit, Grenoble


Production : Valitsa Company, Coproduction : the Cultural Commission of UGA (University of Grenbole for the Department of Culture and Scientific Culture), Jules Vallès Library of Vizille Media (on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the structure)


2 October 2021 : Campus UGA, (Abstract).

20 October 2021 : Julles Valès library of Vizille.

22 May 2022: Festival Mésa'joie , Saint Firmin Chapel, Notre-Dame de Mésage (38)

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