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Choreography-Interpretation: Danae Papadopoulou

Choreography assistance: Zoé Bernabéu

Costume design and scenography: Cloé Brochard

Sound creation: Armand Lesecq

ThRACES is a solo performance inspired by the the body's relationship to its traditions and to collective memory. Following the experience of migration, the body continues to carry embodied memories from its country of origin. The main focus of this performance revolves around customs from the Thrace region in northern Greece. The performance is centered around three main elements: the female body engaged in the bread-making process, the rhythmic motifs of recognized traditional music and the oral tradition. ThRACES serves as an intermediary space between memory and forgetting, where the body exists in a perpetual state of tension. As the body carries forward inherited popular traditions, it simultaneously transforms them and undergoes its own transformation, thus creating a new personal experience rooted in embodied memory. Repetition serves as a leitmotif into this performance through the mechanical gestures of kneading dough and as main element of oral tradition. Influenced by anthropological theories, the performance is woven on the collective, anonymous traditions that have been inherited. It places the body in a critical state, to serve as a conduit of transition and transformation, akin to a bridge between the past and the present. ThRACES has been conceived during the participatory research laboratory for young choreographers T.R.I.P.


© Mikaël Passereau


© Danae Papadopoulou

Creation planning

14 January26 February, 4 March, 15 April, 13 May 2023 : Regular research meetings in the Pacifique with the choreographer Ivana Müller

03 - 13 May 2023 : residency at MaCi, UGA, Performance Lab

07 - 17 November 2023 : Residency at Maison de Moaïs

15 - 19 April 2024 : Residency at Grand Collectif

20- 27 May 2024 : Residency at Micadanses Paris

27 - 31 janvier 2025 : Residency at TMG


23 June 2023 : CDCN Le Pacifique

5 December 2023 : Presentation for the open studio in CDN at Lyon

19 April 2024 : MJC Abbaye

27 May 2024 : Micadanses Paris


Production : Valitsa Company, Coproduction : Ethnological Museum of Thrace,  with the support of the French Ministry of Culture within the framework of companionship with the Pacifique and MaCi, House of creation and innovation. Partners : Maison de Moaïs, Le Grand Collectif, Micadanses, TMG (Municipal Theater of Grenoble)

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